Your Best 2021

As potentially the worst year comes to its final curtain call we have to take a moment and reflect. Reflect on the things that have taken place ano on the things that we want to see happen in the new year.

Although we have had some terrible moments within 2020, what with their being a global pandemic, millions of people without a job and being made redundant, there is some good that comes from it all And we can use that to make sure that the next year that follows is going to be a better year.

Review YOUR 2020

In order to move forward, to actually make the most of the new year, you have to take stock of where you currently are. How can you make sure that you get where you want to be if you do not know where you are starting?

Think of yourself as a car that needs to get to point B. You can enter the address into a SatNav but if it doesn’t know where you are then it is not going to be able to tell you the most effective route to take, if at all any route.

The same is with your life, you are the vehicle, your goals are the point B, the strategies that you decide to use are the route, but knowing where you are is the point A that is needed to make the route as seamless and effortless as possible.

You do not have to spend hours on end working our where you are or what your 2020 consisted of. If you want to spend 15-20 minutes on it then you can do. If you only focus on the goals that you want to achieve then great. But in all honesty, the more time that you spend knowing where you are and what happened to get you there the better.

Make sure that you are only focusing on your 2020 and what actions you have taken to get where you are. You cannot control the actions of others. It is your actions that got you to where you are and it is your actions and plans that are going to get you to where you want to be.

Remove the Distractions

So you know where you are, you know where you want to go, now it is time to make sure that you can get there in the quickest time possible.

To get anything that you want in life you have to give something up. You cannot lose the weight if you keep eating the cake and fast food. You cannot become financially free if you keep spending all the money that you have. You cannot get out of debt if you keep taking out more debt.

Make a note of all the goals that you have and then work out all the things that are going to stop you from getting there that are currently in your life. Then work on removing them. Get rid of all the negativity on your social media, get rid of the debits that are taking money from you that you could do with keepin, get rid of the information that is misleading.

Fuel your goals and dreams by surrounding yourself with success, with supportive people, with information, affirmations that will keep your dreams going. You want to wake up in the morning and not be sidetracked by thoughts of you not being able to do something. You want everyone around you to cheer you on.

Any small and slight distraction can be enough to derail someone at the start of their journey. You will be met with resistance as people by nature do not like to change. That is no longer you. You are a new person, one that is going to get what they want at whatever cost that might be.


Once you have gotten rid of your distractions so that all your focus can be on your goals and success, you need to make sure that you goals are laid out using the SMART formula.

Now this has been around since the dawn of effective management but lets face it, the formula works well and it doesn’t let people down.

To show how the SMART method work lets take the example goal of “I want to earn more money.”

The first letter in SMART stands for Specific. So we first must make sure that your goal is specific. You can say that you want to earn more money, but guess what more money is? Just £0.01 more than what you earn now. If you want to earn more money then get real specific about what it is that you want to earn. “I want to earn another £10,000 from side hustles that are outside of my 9-5 job.” That is a specific goal. We have specified how much we want to earn (£10,000) and we have specified how we want to make that income.

The second letter stands for Measurable. Following on from our new income goal we ask the question if we can measure the goal. Are we able to measure if we have achieved £10,000 additional income from side hustles outside of our 9-5 job? Very easily. If we cannot measure a goal we have to rework the. Goal tso that we can. If you cannot measure something then you cannot track it and we will never know if we have achieved the goal.

That leads us onto the third letter ‘A’ which stands for Achievable. Is the goal that we have achievable? Can we make £10,000 additional income from side hustles? Yes. How do we know this? There are thousands if not millions of people already doing this. We know as well that there is £10,000 out there in the world. We just have to work out how to exchange value for that £10,000. Once you work out how to exchange the value and put the actions into play then you will get there. We also have to consider if we are able to achieve the goal. Everyone has the ability to achieve what they set their mind to, it is just a case of being resourceful with the resources that we have. If you think that you cannot achieve the goal then go back to removing distractions. Find out what obstacles are stopping you and work on removing them. Once all distractions and obstacles are removed you will be able to achieve the goal you have in mind.

The fourth letter stands for Realistic. Is the goal that we have realistic? Again, yes, we know that people have done ths before. If other people can do it then so can we and it is just a matter of working out the successful strategies and copying those stratergies until successful.

Finally “T” stands for Time Bound. Is thee goal that we have of earning an extra £10,000 from side hustles time bound? In this instance it is not. We have not defined in what time frame we want to achieve this goal. If we were to earn £10,000 in 10 years from side hustles we would have achieved our goal but maybe it is not what we intended to happen. So let’s reframe the goal “I want to earn an additional £10,000 income from side hustles that are outside my 9-5 job by 10am June 30th 2021.”Now we have a deadline, now the goal is time bound.

The beauty about making a goal like this time bound is that we can now put some maths into the equation. To earn £10,000 in 6 months we have to earn:

  • £1,667 a month, or

  • £400 a week, or

  • £55.25 a day

Now we have broken the goal down further into easily manageable chunks. As long as we earn on average £400 a week. By the end of the 25 weeks until June 30th 2021 we would hit our £10,000 target.

Stick To It

That is all it is going t take to get ready to have a totally kick ass year when it comes to 2021. All that is left now is for you to take action and achieve your goals. If you do not take action that you will not get what you want.

And though every action is not going to lead to success, as long as you stick to it you will be able to come out on top. Learn from your mistakes, grow and succeed.

So here is to seeing the end of a terrible 2020, and to a fulfilling and prosperous 2021.

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