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For years I have been known as the person that knows everything about finance, business and personal development. Thanks to the reputation that I have gathered I am now the one that everyone goes to when they have something that they want to get better at in one of these areas.

It was not always like this though, I started off with no real focus on where I wanted to go and then one day a friend and mentor handed me a book that would later change my life. The book was "Awaken the Giant Within" by Tony Robbins. The book would go unread for sometime and sit on my bedside table, until one day I went to do some spring cleaning and to procrastinate I picked up the book and started to read. I never did finish my spring cleaning that day, instead I spent the day reading that book and it was the best procrastination that I have ever done as it has changed my life ever since.

I became hooked on personal development and saw that I had a mission in life to become the best person that I possibly could. So began a reading habit, that to this day burns strong.

I started to find other jobs that I could do and picked up a second job where I would go door to door and issue and collect on personal loans and so began my trip into personal finance and lending. From there I went to work for a high street bank collecting on debts for people and businesses. I spent a year doing that and when I realised I had learnt all that I could and there was no further progression to be made without committing my life to the company I got a job offer for a commercial lender. The role at the commercial lender allows me to talk to business owners about their finances and help them by issuing loans that will ultimately grow their business and the economy.

Whilst I have worked at the commercial lender I have up-skilled constantly, gaining a qualification as a mortgage advisor and perfecting my sales skills. I have done this by going on courses, networking, attending seminars, webinars and round table meetings.

Thanks to my dedication to keeping up to date on finance, business and personal development when everything went pear shaped for the world economy in March 2020 I was in a secure enough position that I did not have to worry too much about finances and business. The foundations that I had built had poised me perfectly to win during this downturn. However, there were many people, friends and family that were not in such a position and came to me asking for help.

"I have to pay the tax man, how do I save £X,XXX in time?"

"How did you get debt free before you were 30?"

"Where is the best place for savings?"

"What do you think of this investment?"

"How do I start a business?"

"How do I start a business with no money?"

"My employer wont give me a pay rise, what can I do?"

"I am buying a house for the first time, how much is it going to cost me?"

"Should I invest with my Dad?"

And the list of questions went on. It was as these questions were coming to me that I realised people were ill prepared for winning at the money game of life. It is part in fault of their own but also the fault of the educational system which does not prepare them for it. It was then that I realised more than ever that I had information that would benefit so many people and I needed to get it out.

That is where we find ourselves today. This website, blog and all my content is an answer to the many questions that I get asked. I do not fluff up the information, I will give you the answer that you need to hear, not the one that you want to hear. I do not profess for the actions to be easy either, you will be fighting years of habits that you have formed so at times it will be tough, but I can guarantee that the sacrifice will be worth the reward. I will also only tell you the things that I personally have done, or have coached others with and seen it work, if it isn't proven here then it will not be discussed.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. You can follow me and catch me on my social medias linked at the bottom of the website.

So let's educate you and get you winning in finance, business and personal success.

With thanks

-Ryan Derry

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