Fancy a coffee?

I have this great friend of mine and I am always asking him to go for a coffee with me. Being the great friend that he is, he always says yes and managed to find space in his diary for me.

Whenever we are together we talk about anything and everything and have a quick catch up on what is taking place in each others lives. It is probably the best two or three hours that I spend every couple of months because during that time together I have so much fun and at the same time learn so much.

He is twenty years my senior and is exactly where I want to be in life, so when I meet up with him I buy him a drink and pick his brain on a couple of things that I am having trouble with and I return the favour in kind.

The amount of information, tips and life changing strategies that I have learnt during that time is worth so much more than the cup of coffee that I buy him. Not to mention the years of friendship being a priceless value, but it is still an exchange in value. I buy him a coffee and we share information with each other.

I am sure that we all have a friend (or family member) that is like that, where you can text them at any moment and ask them a question or ask if they want to go for a coffee so that you can just rant and talk to someone about something and see what their input would be. It is at times something that we take for granted. They do not have to be there to listen and put in their two pence into the mix, and yet there they always are.

I like to think that I am that friend with you and your financial questions and queries. My directs messages on social media and emails are always open should you have a question about personal finance, investing or personal development, the three areas on life that I am truly passionate about and wanting to make a change in.

To simulate the friendly advice that you get from a friend over a coffee I have created an account on Buy Me a Coffee. All of the information that I put out on social media, YouTube, Podcasts and more is completely free of charge. If you have a question and pop into my emails and Direct Messages then I will be more than happy to answer you questions free of charge, however, if you found my information or content useful in anyway at all I simply ask that you buy me a cup of coffee.

The price of a cup of coffee is £3. I cover all the fees so you just pay the £3. You are not obligated to buy me a coffee at all, after all you can watch my content around personal finance, investing and personal development for free. But by buying me a coffee you are doing two things:

1/ Helping me help more people. With the £3 I will reinvest that back into my mission of changing peoples lives with money.

2/ Letting me know that what I am doing is beneficial to you in some way.

If you wish, there are other options on there to take things a step further. There is a monthly membership where I do an Ask Me Anything once a month, you will get 25% discount on workshops and courses that I am looking to put together and I will continue to add to it. You will be grandfathered in at every stage (providing you are still a member).

There are also one off sessions with me. If you need a hand with your budget and want help in getting your budget right and in order so that you can finally take control of your finances, there is a one hour deep dive session with me to do that. If you want a one-to-one session with me where you can ask me anything around personal finance then there is a package for that as well.

I am going to be ever adding new packages as the demands arise for them so feel free to check in and see what's changed.

I am here to help and serve you so that you can win your money game. Your support is appreciated at every step of the way, whether you like my posts, read my blogs, subscribe to my YouTube Channel, and whether decide to buy me a coffee or not. So feel free to reach out and ask your questions at any time!

To Buy Me a Coffee you can go here:

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