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People say that money is a complicated thing, that no one can win at it, but that is further from the truth. I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in people when it comes to their finances and success. With working in and dedicating my life to finance, business and personal development for the last eight years of my life I have had the pleasure to see how people win the game and how they lose the game and thanks to that I have managed to implement those tactics in my own life and have distilled them into actions anyone can take.

As I have distilled the wisdom of others into some simple actions I have a reputation amongst friends and family as being the money guy. If someone has a question about finance, business, or personal development then they come to me. With everything that has been going in the world at the start of 2020, I saw this more than ever as more people were coming to me asking for my thoughts on investments, savings, career and business prospects, how they can get themselves prepared for the inevitable and more. It was then that I realised that people are ill-informed about what they really need to know in order to win the money game.

I have taken countless courses and been to endless seminars and webinars to make sure that I am on top of my information. I am a qualified mortgage advisor and currently work for a commercial lender, speaking to people on a daily basis about what is happing within the finance and business world. You will not come across anyone else that is as clued up as I am on the current happenings of the economy. Because of my unique position, I am able to see things unfold before they hit the mainstream.

I am not one to fluff things up for people, if they come to me for some information I will give them exactly what they ask for, the truth, no matter how much that is going to sting. I also do not profess the information and actions that I give to be easy to take and implement, people are battling years of bad habits in order to secure the future that they deserve and though difficult the rewards are worth the sacrifice.

This website and all my content are there for you so that you can win at your money game. I will give you the up to date strategies that you need in order to win your money, business, and personal game. Everything that I give you is information that I have used myself, or have told others to do and have seen it win every single time. I hope that you find everything useful, do follow me on social media and make sure that reach out if you have any questions, I am always happy to help!

With Thanks

- Ryan Derry